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Writely Applied offers a number of writing services to online users, business professionals and creative professionals (artists, musicians, crafters, writers etc.). Put your best foot forward and make an impression on your audience.

Contact Writely Applied to discuss your creative needs today.

Professional Writing


Short and long bios available written by a writer who enjoys telling the world about you. You provide the facts, Writely Applied provides the best information organized for your audience. Let Writely Applied worry about selling you so you can worry about selling your business. Bios are crafted to share the best of you.


Resumes are a crucial part in finding a new job. Pulling together your work history and coordinating it with your ever-changing goals in any job search is never an easy task. It is a puzzle that when put together correctly minimizes unrelated job history or gaps in employment. A professional writer can highlight what is important and broadcast how your goals aline with any potential employer. Let Writely Applied ready your resume for your job search so the only thing you need to worry about is getting to the interview on time.

Cover Letters

Pair up your resume with a successful cover letter. A resume doesn’t always say what you need it to say in relation to the many job applications you’ll submit during a job search. Writely Applied can write a cover letter for you or proof and edit one you’ve written. Let Writely Applied validate your spelling and grammar, and make sure your message is on target.

Speech Writing

Writely Applied provides speech writing services for any number of events for business or pleasure.

  • eulogies (for funeral or memorial services)
  • parties (introductions, poems, song paradies, etc.)
  • sermons or Christian themed speeches
  • short bio introductions for an event speaker

Let Writely Applied craft your words for your next speaking engagement.

Website Content/SEO Writing

Writely Applied is available for editing, proofing, writing web content or rewriting PLR on a number of topics. Examples will be provided.

Virtual Admin

Writely Applied provides virtual admin services for small businesses.

  • Manage social media accounts
  • Monitor forums and social networks (vBulletin, UBB, Ning, etc.)
  • Troubleshoot user/member problems and provide support in many areas
  • Manage and organize WordPress sites
  • Monitor analytics
  • Perform online research
  • Communicate needs to contractors, freelancers, employees and clients
  • Perform word processing, desktop publishing and data entry tasks
  • Update and monitor project/task management and CRM tools